Saturday, February 14, 2009

Transformers Universe: Cyclonus Toy Review

My favorite Transformers toy line currently running is the Universe/Classics line. These remakes of some of our favorite toys of the past are many times marvelous, and many times disastrous. But the great ones more than make up for the crap. Well, is this one worth your hard earned money?

When I picked up the box i wasn't very sure about shelling out $13 for it. But because of my love of the character, I bought it anyways. I'm very glad I did! This is simply one of the best toys in the line. The design, proportions, articulation, and balance make this faithful rendition a MUST BUY! The addition of his Targetmaster, Nightstick, is brilliant. Both figures transform easily and pose wonderfully. My only complaint is the unpainted shoulder joint. Other than that, this is a figure your collection should not be without!

Quick Verdict: Grab It

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