Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maximum Dinobots #3 Review

First off, let me preface this by saying that I still don't have issue 2, like many of you out there, due to the production problem. So, I can only guess as to what happened last month.
This issue is much different than the first. While still fun and entertaining, the dialogue, and the characterization of the Dinobots confuse me. These fierce warriors are starting to seem like the cast of an after school special. 'But we're a team, You can't leave.' What the heck? I understand that Furman is trying to paint a picture of the brotherly, close-knit friendship of the Dinobots, but does it have to be so corny? I would have thought that some more intelligent dialogue than this would have been scripted by Furman, who has always written these characters well. The story in itself in not bad at all, in fact, I can't wait until the next issue, to see where the story is going to go with the new characters that are brought in.
The art work is pretty good, but not as clean as the first issue. The panels are very cluttered and the lines seem to bee more sloppy and rushed. Too much is going on. I would like Roche to stick to a set style. His Frank Miller interpretation or his cleaner refined style. In the end, this one just lacks the luster of the first issue, but is fun nonetheless.
Story: 7/10 Art: 7.5/10 Quick Verdict: Hold It/ Grab It

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