Monday, February 2, 2009

Moon Base Transmissions: The February News Letter

Welcome to the first instalment of TF: Zone's monthly newsletter, "The Moon Base Transmissions." TF Zone has been up and going strong for a little over a week, so everything is starting to fall in to place. This isn't to say that bigger and better things are not coming, but this site is starting to get a certain feel. But, now I wanted to tell everyone about my upcoming plans. First off I'm going to have three set reviews a week. Starting every week off, on Monday or Tuesday, I'll have a special "Spotlight Review" on a notable back issue of interest. Then on Wednesday I'll have the new release review (pending a new release). At the close of the week, probably Friday, I'll do a weekly installment review of back issue mini-series. The section will be called "Mini Madness." First issue the first week, the second issue the second week, and so on. When the series of reviews is over I'll do a retrospective review of the whole series, starting with "Beast Wars: The Gathering" and then "War Within V1" the following month.
Soon I'll be starting a sister site for Transformers Fan Art. Transformers fans are some of the most talented artists, and I'd like to give them a site that is exclusively devoted to showcasing their artwork. As you can see, a lot of exciting things are coming, followed by much more. Updates on those things will come later. So, check back often, as this site will be updated often, we can really use the support.

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