Monday, February 9, 2009

Spotlight Back Issue Review: Spotlight Blaster

Not very often do we see a Transformers comic like this. Simon Furman has given us an interesting "who done it" story. It's nothing we haven't seen before. But it's something we don't see often in Transformers comics. That is why I chose this issue for this week's Spotlight Review.

Here we are given quite an interesting take on Blaster, a bot there to boost morale, yet he is more depressed than anyone. In fear for his life, not able to trust anyone. On the hunt for the one who tried to take his life. I have to hand it to Furman for crafting a more than average tale, though I doubt everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

A job well done is in order for a rookie Transformers artist. He did a wonderful job for his first gig. One fault I do find with his work was that the silhouette of the assassin kind of ruined the air of mystery. One look at it and you know exactly who it is. Which really makes me wonder why Blaster and Perceptor couldn't figure this one out. Come on it's obviously !@*$&%#$&%. Anyways, if you like a story out of the ordinary, pick this one up. But if you have slightly different tastes, you might want to skip it.


Story: 8/10 Art: 7.5/10 Quick Verdict: Hold It/ Grab It

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