Monday, February 2, 2009

Spotlight Back Issue Review: Transformers G1 V3. #10

Welcome to the first instalment of TF Zone's "Spotlight Back Issue Review." Here we will be taking a look at past issues of note and give a full review. This week's edition features the last issue of Dreamwave's ongoing G1 series: Transformers #10.

Up to this point this series was all over the place, with many sprawling storylines. But, here we find a certain resolution to some of them and the start of others. While not the best of stories and dialogue, (not to say it was terrible, but it could have been better,) this issue has many points of interest. The return of Megatron, for instance, was well handled and reaffirmed his right to command. The origin of the Decepticons was interesting as well. But the reason this issue is featured is for the showdown between Bruticus and Predaking! Who could ask for a better match up? This is reason alone to pick this up; besides the fact that they are presented in all their glory by none other than Don Figueroa. His pencils breathe life into these characters unlike any of the other Dreamwave artists at the time. And while the art is great, you can really see how far he has come as an artist at IDW, his style changes, ect. What this book lacks in true substance is made up for in triumphant returns, and amazing battle, and a cliffhanger ending, sadly, never to be resolved. So, if you see this in the back issue bin, be sure to pick it up!


Story: 7/10 Art 9/10 Quick Verdict: Grab It

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