Thursday, February 19, 2009

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Alliance #3 Review

With all the new trailers coming out and the SuperB@wl tv spot, a lot of hype and anticipation is growing around Transformers 2. New info about the toys and side products are being released, and the excitement is growing. Well, this comic pops a hole in the fan base's collective balloon.

As with the first and subsequent issue, the dialogue is a mess. This issue is probably the worst yet. The campy feel it gives this book is too much to just shake off. What's more is that the story goes practically nowhere. The twist at the end of the last issue is explored, but not the way I hoped. And it probably won't be until the movie. I'm truly left wondering how this script got approved. I thought that is what editors were for.
The art work is improved in this issue. It doesn't feel as rushed or as bland as the last issues. The silhouettes are (mostly) gone. Still, as this series goes on I see little reason to stick with this title. I doubt we will learn anything here that we won't learn in the first five minutes of the movie. So, unless you want to waste four bucks, stay away.
Story: 3.5/10 Art: 7/10 Quick Verdict: Our Inaugural Drop It

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