Friday, February 13, 2009

Mini Madness: Beast Wars The Gathering #2 Review

Beast Wars: The Gathering had the best start of about any Transformers comic produced. An amazing and complicated story, brilliant artwork, and a wonderful coloring job worked together to build a masterpiece. But what of the second issue?

I can definitely tell you (as this is a retrospective review) that this issue is the series weak link. Not much happens here other than boring dialogue and mindless fighting. The art stays up to par, with smooth lines and fantastic shadowing. But the writing and the coloring seem a little off. That said, this issue is still better than most of the stuff IDW puts out. I can see why this issue was set in this direction, I just wish it was handled a bit better. The intrigue, the suspense are all lacking, until the very, very end. What made the first issue so amazing is missing here. All you are left with is a filler issue that sets up what is to come. And believe me, it's worth it.
Story:6/10 Art: 9/10 Quick Verdict: Grab It/ Hold It

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