Friday, February 6, 2009

Mini Madness: Beast Wars: The Gathering #1 Review

Welcome to TF Zone's first edition of "Mini Madness." As explained in this month's newsletter, MM will be the place where past miniseries will be reviewed. Week by week the next issue will be reviewed. After the series is completed, a retrospective review of the series as a whole will be done. First up is Beast Wars: The Gathering to be followed by War Within Volume 1. This should be interesting for those who have read the series before and those who are new to it. Enjoy!
When Dreamwave collapsed many were disappointed. One of the biggest disappointments was that the promised Beast Wars series was seemingly never to come to light. But eventually IDW picked up the license and quickly announced the a Beast Wars miniseries was coming. And come it did with much anticipation from a rabid fan base. Was this comic book adaptation going to be as groundbreaking as the cartoon it was based off of? Well.... let's start at the beginning.
To put it simply, this issue is a masterpiece on every level. The story and script are brilliantly written and feature the lesser known characters that never made it to the show. Weaving a brilliant tale of politics, espionage, betrayal, and revolution, Simon Furman gives us the start to what seems to be one of the greatest Transformers stories told. And while this commanding story is being laid out, Don Figueroa brings his masterful pencils to the show. His talent with robotics and organics blend into a wonderful showpiece that accents an already amazing comic. Not that I usually mention the colorist, but Josh did some of his best work in this book, bringing lush colors and tones to this must read. Even if you never got past G1, you should seriously give this one a shot.
Story: 10/10 Art: 10/10 Quick Verdict: Grab It

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