Friday, December 25, 2009

Transformers : Ongoing #2 Review

With a heck of a first issue, Mike Costa and Don Figueroa crafted an interesting and solid foundation for this new series. While controversy still abounds among the fandom, no-one can deny that this book is causing a lot of talk and dispelling many fears. How does the second issue stack up?

I think that this creative duo has hit this one out of the park. Again, Costa has the pacing dead on. The dialogue is still sharp. Even with the fairly large amount of new characters introduced, you never feel overwhelmed. The focus still remains on a small core cast, giving the characters that matter enough time to shine and the development they deserve. Even with a new leader being selected, it doesn't feel as if all the focus is on him. Again, same as the previous issue, the ending has you wanting more. Costa knows just how to hook the reader and reel them in.

The art keeps getting better and better. Don is really refining his style and making everything flow and feel more natural. Just looking at this art style when it was introduced in All Hail Megatron #13 and comparing it what we get two issues later, you can see the effort Don is putting in to get everything just right. The art is magnificent and will make you want to flip through this book again and again. Give it enough time and I'm sure everyone will come around. (Just like with Beast Wars, The Movie designs, and Animated.)

Overall, this issue keeps things moving and keeps it fresh and interesting. The art alone makes it worthy of picking up. Hopefully Mike and Don can keep it up. We just may be in for a series that redefines Transformers comics forever.


Story: 9/10 Art: 10/10 Quick Verdict: Grab It

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