Friday, December 25, 2009

The MoonBase Transmissions: The January Newsleter

2010 is here. As we think back on the past decade, a lot has happened, a lot has changed. It's amazing how fast ten years can fly by, and how much that can happen in those ten years. Take the world of Transformers for instance. Think of all the new t.v. series, toylines, video games, and most importantly the live action movies that have come and changed the face of Transformers this past decade. Perhaps the things that changed the most were the comics.

At the beginning of the decade we didn't even have new comics. All we had were the fond memories of the Marvel run. But in 2002 a little comic book publisher called Dreamwave changed all that. It can be said that Dreamwave changed Transformers comics forever. Particularly in the art department. While their run was short lived, they still produced some amazing stories and discovered brilliant artists. For a more in depth look at Dreamwave's run with Transformers check out :

After Dreamwave went bankrupt, IDW Publishing got the license. They started things slow with the Infiltration mini, but started ramping things up with Stormbringer, the Spotlights, and the Beast Wars mini. When the Movie came, a multitude of Movie Universe comics were released. After Infiltration, Escalation, Devestation, and Revelation came All Hail Megatron. During which time many new artists and writers were found. After a failed reboot with All Hail Megatron, a new ongoing series was announced. Even with the controversial art, the series has been met with a favorable response. So much has happened (most of it I left unmentioned) in the past ten years. Transformers comics are currently at their pinnacle. The quality of the art and story telling is beyond that of any other era. It just goes to show that it pays to be patient. Not to say that the ride hasn't been enjoyable, but somehow it feels as if it's just getting started.

January is going to be a big month for Transformers comics. The Ongoing #3, Bumblebee #1, Tales Of The Fallen #6, and the much anticipated Last Stand of The Wreckers #1 are all coming out this month. This is gonna get interesting.


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