Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Defiance #1 Review

War has influenced our history more than just about anything else. War has won independence, freed slaves, enslaved others, killed millions, among other things. But just as pivotal as the war itself are the events leading up to the war. The calm before the storm (or the not so calm.) These prewar elements in the Transformers movie universe have been left largely untouched. Until now. Chris Mowry has decided to dive in and sculpt an origin for the Transformers movie mythos. An interesting premise. But a premise and the finished product are two different things. So, how does the first issue hold up? Well, this seems to be a solid story so far. The campy feeling of Alliance is nonexistent in Defiance. It answers many questions and raises new ones, such as the true origin of Megatron. I've always loved these type stories and I like were this series seems to be headed. The main problem of this book, though, is the poor artwork. I don't want to rag on Khanna too much, because I know many fans love him, but the movie designs simply don't fit his style. This series will definitely improve when Don Figueroa takes the reigns. The first installment of Defiance is definitely worth picking up. But if you read comics for the art, this one you might want to skip.
Story: 8/10 Art: 4/10 Quick Verdict: Grab It / Hold It

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