Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Alliance #2 Review

The second issue of four in the Alliance series of prequels takes things up a notch. After my less than good review of the first issue (see below) I'm glad I gave this book another chance. While not a drastic improvement, this issue did leave my with my interest piqued. The air of mystery surrounds the end of the issue, leaving you with a " aww CRAP! I can't believe they ended it here!" feeling. Though I doubt this story will be resolved in the series. I bet we will have to wait for the movie for that. The script seems much better. The corny dialogue is gone for the exception of Agent Simmons, who's dialogue is the movie much resembles that of the comic. You can't blame a writer for sticking with set material and characters. While this story is surely not going to break new ground, it seems this is still going to be an interesting read. The art work is the same quality of the last issue, good but inconsistent. I have to fault Milne for the constant silhouettes and bland backgrounds. I want to see the robots, not just outlines of them. All in all, this issue presses forward to what is sure to be a decent prequel to a hopefully great movie.

Story: 6.75/10 Art:6.75/10 Quick Verdict: Hold It

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