Thursday, April 2, 2009

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Alliance #4 Review

Okay now that Alliance is over, I can say that it has to be one of the worst Transformers series ever. The entire story could be summed up in the first five minutes of the movie, which will probably happen. After I finished reading this issue, I just sat there and scratched my head wondering why I just spent $16. And I still don't have an answer. It started out bad and has only gotten worse. While the dialogue has improved I still feel that there was no story to be told here. I'm sorry but when I am shelling out four bucks an issue I expect a little substance.

That said, Alex Milne has saved his best work for last. The art is much improved and is the only saving grace. But honestly I don't think it's worth spending four bucks on.

In closing all I have to say is to run for the hills, or pick up the Star Trek Countdown series (also published by IDW) which is a stellar example of how to do a great prequel comic.


Story: 3/10 Art: 8/10 Quick Verdict: Drop It (like the plague)

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