Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spotlight Drift Review

The Spotlight series of oneshots has given us some of the best Transformers stories we have ever seen, and we have seen some duds. But this one is definitely a winner. Introduced in the All Hail Megatron series, Drift has been mysterious and stealthy. Little has been revealed about him except for his name. Finally we get some answers.

While Shane McArthy has been criticized for putting very little into each issue, this book is jammed full of awesome action and storytelling. Drift is given an interesting origin that I didn’t really expect. Not that it’s something we have never seen before, but it is interesting nonetheless. The pacing is spot on for a change, it flows neatly and is easy to follow. McArthy has never had trouble telling interesting stories, just how he went about them. Hopefully future work of his will be this well done.

The art work is superb and is some of the best quality coming out from IDW. This new artist needs more than a spotlight, he needs a miniseries at the very least. Kudos to the colorist as well, who did a magnificent job bringing the book to life.

While this issue should not be missed, it doesn’t really add anything to the ongoing story. It just tells the back story of a new character. But it is supremely well done and a must if you can afford it.
Story: 9/10 Art: 9/10 Quick Verdict: Grab It

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