Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three issues in to the new Transformers Ongoing series, things are starting to settle down. No big surprises, no shocking twists, no gripping deaths. While this is fine (not every issue can be a soap opera) the events of the previous two issues made this one seem a little dull. While it is an enjoyable read, it feels as if not a lot is accomplished. It almost feels like an issue of Infiltration, not much happening. The dialogue is still tight and well structured. Several new story lines are set up. So hopefully we can get back to the action soon.

Don's art is still great. Though, I felt that the script didn't play to his strengths as an artist. Don does well with more wide-open panels and big spreads. This issue mostly is full of smaller dialogue boxes or super-close up shots of the bots faces. If you have the best TF artist known to man, use him to the full.

Overall, not a lot happens, but if you skip this issue you will likely be a little lost in the future. Plus, we get to spend some time with some bots we don't see every day, so you may want to pick this up.

Story: 7/10 Art: 9/10 Quick Verdict: Grab It


  1. Now why couldnt Bay have hired these artists to make the current Transformers!? The artwork is fantastic!

    1. Agree with you. The artwork is really awesome

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  3. Anyone wanna trade a Autobot Tattoo for a TMNT Tattoo from the Infestation 2 issue?